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A bit of history, why and how a family tree.

I was born in the Netherlands in 1942, in the city of Haarlem (Information here)

In 1967, at the age of 25, I emigrated to France, not far from Paris, where I have lived ever since.
The distance made me want to get a little closer to my family and I started about thirty years ago to take an interest in its history.
First on my mother’s side, with the surnames van Egdom and Kuperus, and a little later the French family of my wife (née Lallement) with the surnames Lallement, Lamy, Liébart, Perray and Souchard.

One of my brothers had started researching our surname (Cornet). We have long thought that the family originated from France. It probably is, but not the France we know today.

Our oldest known ancestor (Cornet) was born around 1600, probably in Brussels (today Belgium) but at the time half French half Dutch.

In our tree we find the van Egdom family and go back in time to around 1580.
The Kuperus branch dates back to around 1700.

In the 1950s a sister and a brother of my mother emigrated to Australia with their respective families.
I only saw an aunt and uncle once.

Since then the Australian family has grown a lot and I wanted to add them to my research.
Relatively difficult task because my grandparents (van Egdom) were deceased and they were the ones who had the information concerning their children, and who could have helped me in my research.
In addition, internet connections were not very efficient at that time.

So I used social networks and the little information I had. They lived in or around Perth, and I knew the first and last names of the cousins.
With social networks I managed to find a first cousin who, with the information about me that I communicated to her, put me in contact with her mother, a cousin whom I had known before their emigration.
It is the branch of my mother’s sister, Van de Nes family.

From there contacts with other members of the Vandeness family were established.

I still had another branch to find, that of my uncle van Egdom, brother of my mother.
It was a little more difficult, but almost the entire family is listed in our family tree.

About my in-laws:
The Lallement family originated in eastern France, and the oldest known was born there around 1680 and died in 1758 in Lahaymeix, in the Meuse department. Records are missing beyond this date.
But there is an excursion to Belgium with the Cornez family, and I thought the Cornets and the Cornez were meeting.

The Lamy family originated from Orne, but the branch was cut around 1760.

The Perray family is originally from Loire-Atlantique, in the west of France, and we go back there around 1560.

And so that our grandchildren can find their place there, I borrowed and completed the family tree that my daughter-in-law had started with the surnames Cottini and Tanaff.

You will find the location of each other on their family file.

I continue to complete our family tree, we are now more than 9000 people in it

Go here to the family tree.